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Friday, November 09, 2007

#451: Pope St. Leo the Great

Today we consider the wonderful saint, Pope St. Leo the Great, whose feast day is tomorrow, November 10. Pope St. Leo accomplished many things in his life, thanks to the Grace of God, but I did not start this blog to talk about that. Instead I want to tell you about the contribution this man, this saint, made to the fashion world.

You see, at one time it was customary to adorn one's hat or helmet with various decorations which were unique to the wearer. In the case of Atilla the Hun, he loved to wear a rubber chicken on his helmet. He even went so far as to demand that all of his conquests had to wear one as well.

This all ended when Atilla the Hun met Pope St. Leo outside the gates of Rome. Not only did St. Leo dissuade him from attacking the city, but he also reprimanded Atilla for wearing a rubber chicken. Below is a picture of the historic meeting and St. Leo's scolding:

Here is a detail of Atilla's headdress, proving that rubber chickens were in use even in the 500's:

Thanks to Pope St. Leo, rubber chickens never caught on in the fashion world; otherwise I may have had a hat like this one:

Fashion is multi-species, so the following pictures show what might have happened if rubber chickens became popular:

Thank you, Pope St. Leo!

Pope St. Leo the Great, PRAY FOR US!


Roman Sacristan said...

This (among the many other things) is why I love this blog.

I think this post has to be true because this is something you can't just make up.

Easter A. said...

What a fun blog!

Easter A. said...

I showed this to my teens and absolutely loved it!

Thank you BTW for visiting my new blog. God bless you and your family! I give you and your wife credit - praise God for His abundance of grace poured upon you both and for your loving willingness to receive his blessings!

Anonymous said...

This is a really nice blog! but what is St. Leo the Great the patron saint of? I have looked at every website and cannot find it!

dadwithnoisykids said...

I couldn't find it either....so I will always consider him as a patron saint to fashionable clothing. He is also respected as a Doctor of the Church.

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