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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All Saints Day, YES!

Halloween, NO.

We do not celebrate a secular holiday which is fast becoming a diabolical festival of sorts.

We save all our fun and frolic for ALL SAINTS DAY, November 1.

Still, there are some funny things about Halloween. Here is a comic about some of the scariest costumes this season, and which features a sketch of us when we had a small family:

Yep, that's us in the top right corner. This sketch would have been from 1998. Note the military haircut(I was serving in the Air Force at the time) and seven children on the ground and one on the way.

While this is rather offensive to those of us who are open to life, it still cracks me up. It is sometimes good to laugh at one's self, and to see how the world sees us. The world sees excess carbon entering the atmosphere, a landfill stuffed with diapers, and more people likely to vote Pro-Life. I see my beautiful wife and I surrounded by our wonderful children.

My wife took some of the older children to see a movie called Bella. I heard it was good, so I gave my permission - provided they bring back all the licorice gumdrops they can find on the floor. While they are out, I will do some shopping.

Here is the first MUST HAVE ITEM for the season:

We strive to incorporate our favorite monkey into all of our family's celebrations.

That picture reminded me of my favorite Curious George story, which I reviewed here.

"Doctor's Wives Have Glamorous Lives"


Anonymous said...

Well we don't celebrate it either..but the 2 great Feasts..that's another story..

Anonymous said...

This entry is titled, THE DANGER OF BUYING IN BULK. Warning, this comment is very graphic and may offend people who don't like large families!!! This morning I woke up and walked into the kitchen to find almost every surface covered with a mess. (Last night it was a spotless.) On one counter I saw piles and piles of waffles, frozen, covered in Mrs. Buttersworth. I can tell from the steady stream of viscous liquid still flowing off of the granite onto the tile, that this was probably his last deed. I see small bites out of most of them, the tester must have not liked cold waffles, and he was blessed with the virtue of hope, still taking small bites out of almost 24 waffles to see if maybe one would taste like he thought it should, warm and toasty. I look on the other counter and I see 4 neat rows of 5 plastic cups, each with small amounts of apple juice, again, the pourer isn't very precise. (As noted by my sticky wet socks!) I see on the same counter, tubs of ice cream opened, but only small finger holes in the surfaces. (Maybe frozen Breyers is too much for a two year old to scoop.) I also see an EMPTY plastic tub that used to hold 4 lbs. of twizzlers. (Thank you Sam's Club for bulk!) Now, I am going to stop my little story right here. I think my son deserves a prize for either eating or hiding 4 pounds of licorice. Either way, looking at all he had to do to get to the point where I walked in, it was quite a feat. I can tell you that I am seriously baffled to where the strawberry twisters went. He was all alone in his delicous morning. All of his normal accomplices were still nestled in their cozy blankets sleeping, possibly dreaming of such delictable adventures. I don't know what you would have done, but I did the only thing a reasonable mom would do in this situation, I picked up a spoon and started eating the chocolate ice cream that was just perfect for scooping at this point!!! Love to you and your family!!! God bless!!

P.S. Maybe the freezer on the bottom idea isn't the greatest for a family of 10!!!

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