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Monday, October 22, 2007

Deep Thoughts From Little People

Quote from my two year old daughter, while mentioning her intentions during morning prayers. As she was saying them, most of which were unintelligible, one of the older children started laughing in the back seat of the van. My youngest daughter turned around and started yelling, "It's NOT FUNNY!"

Same daughter, different day. We were trying to encourage her to wear ribbons in her hair. One of her older brothers offered to help her put the ribbon in her hair. She said, "No, [brother], you are a boy. You can't do it."

In reference to the video featured here, my six year old son said that he liked the sickness Mom has when she is pregnant, but not the sickness that he gets. That makes him sad....

Me too.

Then there is the oldest son who ran an errand to the bike shop to get some repairs done. He called us to tell us that he needed to put some money down for the repairs. Only he didn't say it that way. Instead, he called us and yelled into the phone, "Mom, you gotta get down here and bail me out! Right now!"

Some of the last words one wants to hear...all he needed was a deposit.


Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Did you have permission to use a photo of my living room on your blog??????? Just checking!!!

dadwithnoisykids said...

Uh, it's not your living room anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hey, once your living room, always your living room!!!

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