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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Peaceful Protest by Aquatic Animals

I returned from an errand this afternoon and found these aquatic animals protesting the video which I put on my blog on this day.

This group calls itself S.Q.U.I.D.,






They were insulted by the video which shows a manatee running nose-first into a window in an aquarium, followed by malicious laughter by the human observers.

Their spokesman, Ekyu Manatee, decried the exploitation of aquatic beings for the entertainment of human beings.

"For trillions of years, human beings have exploited my aquatic brothers and sisters in aquariums everywhere. It is just another example of the Vatican conspiracies."

Ekyu Manatee, spokesmanatee

I have been ordered to take time to attend sensitivity training classes, as well as listen to John Denver songs incessantly, and memorize the poem 'Whales Weep Not' by D.H. Lawrence.

I refused, so I may be banned from the blogosphere.

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