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Monday, June 04, 2007

Meme about my Wife

Inquiring minds want to know about Wifeofdadwithnoisykids.

So here goes. 8 interesting things about Wifeofdadwithnoisykids:

First, when I was proposed to he said ,well pounding the steering wheel in the middle of an argument ," Damn it women you make me crazy, Will you marry me?"

Second. when I was 9 years old, a stop sign fell on my head.

Third, I have a younger sister who is single, beautiful, fun loving, and looking for a GOOD CATHOLIC TEXAS HUSBAND who can afford her love for the finer things in life.

Fourth, when I was young I always wanted to marry and have 12 children.

Fifth, now at 39, I pray the Good Lord will see past my limited vision and bless us with more children! This really should be number one on my list.

Sixth, I live on 12 acres in the home my husband and I had designed and built for our large growing family, God willing.

Seventh, This is the ONE and ONLY blog entry you will ever see by Wifeofdadwithnoisykids. This entry is a little gift for Jackie Parkes MJ :)

Eighth, I'm married to Dadwithnoisykids!

P.S. Jackie I did my best. I had so much trouble coming up with anything. Hope you enjoy!


mm said...

lol@#3 :)

shelray said...

Was number 2 meant to be connected to number 1 in any way? :)

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

You made my day! Thanks so much & God bless you...my friend has 14 children..at 39 you're just a youngster!

Jeni said...

To bad it is the one and only post we will get from you!! LOL@ #1! Love the proposal. haha.

Anonymous said...

I don't think #3 is something to be LOL'ing about!

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