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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Visit from Old Friends

Over the weekend, we had some friends from Houston come and visit us. We had a wonderful time, and went to Mass and Holy Hour and Confession on New Year's Eve at St. William the Confessor Catholic Church in Greenville, Texas.

On New Year's Day, we returned for Mass and a Rosary Procession. I kept the baby inside because we both had sniffles and coughs, so I have no pictures of the beautiful procession. Perhaps Semper Fi will.

I did get some snapshots of an old friend of ours. Yankee Hotel Joliet, better known as the Great White, was present in the parking lot at St. William's.

Here is a picture of it:

Here is one with Sixty-One Papa, the Big Blue Miracle, in the foreground. Note the markings for the various animal/Sacristan strikes on the front fender of the Big Blue Miracle:

Mr. Moose wondered whatever happened to the little Dogbert doll that used to live in the Great White:

"I plan on retiring to a monastery, and spend my life in prayer and penance for Dadwithnoisykids, when the Big Blue Miracle eventually retires or is destroyed," he said.

"I hope that won't be for several years. Also, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us who ride with the Dadwithnoisykids Family!"

If some of this is confusing, check the Labels to explain some things, maybe....


Raulito said...

I, too, may one day acquire a 'Great White' or similar construction of modern transportation more resembling a C-130 Hercules rather than your typical automobile. Hmmm... What to name this future mode of conveyence...?

Raulito said...

Seems that I am one step closer to that troop carrier. The Expedition was recently involved in a 'fender-bender'. Pray for us!

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