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Monday, March 01, 2010

More Clear Creek Monastery Scenes

Welcome to my photographs of Clear Creek Monastery in Hulbert, Oklahoma!

Here is the monastery's reception hall, with a book store. This is where the Porter - the monk who meets all visitors - greets people and helps them:

Here is the monastery main building, where the monks live and where the various rooms are located. The sheds in the foreground are temporary work areas; in the future there will be another building:

This is the Crypt Chapel, which is built into the foundation of the Church. It looks better than last year with a cover of nice bricks over the concrete:

These bells were given to the monastery by another monastery in France. They will go into the bell tower when it is complete:

Yet another view of the bells. Check out the website for pictures of the projected final plan for the church and building:


The guest house. This was a former hunting lodge made up of HUGE logs. The rooms were all set up for sleeping, and the living room has a large fireplace for keeping the house warm.

Across from the guest house is a chapel and more sleeping quarters which were made from a converted horse barn.

Clear Creek has cut into the rock face of the hill. In places one can see springs running out of the rock and into the creek.

This is a view looking in the other direction. These pictures were taken with my old Pentax K-1000 while I was standing on a shaky footbridge. One of the locals told us that eels from the local lake(or was it a reservoir?) would swim up to this part of the creek to lay eggs for the next generation of eels. All I saw were little foot long fish:

The first thing we did when we got there was collect and chop firewood for the house. These logs were cut down two years previously:

Here is the road leading into the property. We strung electric wire along both sides of this road, and felled some trees which were too close to the road. It appears as if they are going to expand the road soon. Other folks got to tag and even birth some lambs, but I was never around to join that group:

An action scene of the young men stringing wire. The weather was in the mid-40's during the day, but there was little wind. At night, the temperature dropped into the 20's.

Another view of the work area:

The visit was not all work. Here the men play football:

Note the ball in midair:

Another action shot of the football game:

This is a water pump in the front yard of the guest house:

There are other entries on Clear Creek Monastery at these places:
A Visit To The Monastery (there are some pictures taken last year here)
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Natalie said...

Oh, your pictures make me miss home so much. And trees. Thats the one thing I miss so much about Oklahoma, the green big beautiful trees. I hope you get a chance to see the place in the spring. SO beautiful.

MightyMom said...

looks like a peaceful place!

Anonymous said...

Yawn.... I'm bored.....

dadwithnoisykids said...

Only one person could put on a comment without me moderating it first, my love!

...you really are bored?

William J Quinn said...

Spent an unforgettable 2 days there last year during Holy Week. Monks all looked like recent grads of the Navy Seal program.
Bill Quinn

Anonymous said...

I just viewed Clear Creek Monastery on EWTN. What a jewel for the Catholic Church in the USA. My husband and I look forward to visiting soon. I just loved when the monk said we need to pray just like the monks. I will pray better. Gloria from Florida

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to visiting soon. Beautiful nature and most important men trying very hard to be holy. Your friend in Christ.

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