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Friday, December 25, 2009



Two videos for your enjoyment, Linda!

First the School room, guest bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room:

Next, the hallway, laundry room, master bedroom with a cameo of Bernard sleeping, master bathroom, boy's and girl's bedrooms and bathrooms.



Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. I love all the extra touches like the wood on the doors and the chair rails . The cupboards look great and the knobs will save the finish and they look so pretty. I especially liked seeing all the sleeping angels on christmas eve!!!!!That was the highlight of the tour!!!!Oh and I forgot the marshmallow song was quite special also!I love you all and can't wait to come see the house in person. Merry Christmas And all our love, Aunt Linda

antonia said...

Hello! I watched all 12 minutes! You have a very beautiful house! I liked all the work you've done, it looks wonderful! The colour choice for the painting is lovely. I loved the rose bathroom! Your kitchen is especially nice .
the Christmas decorations are beautiful too.

God bless

Anonymous said...

You are nuts! However, the house updates are indeed beautiful! I am jealous...

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