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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Family Photograph and Birthday Greetings

Here is a photograph from Christmas Day. One can imagine the challenge of getting us all facing the camera....I am going to include this in the photographs commemorating our 20th anniversary.

Front Row: Genevieve(12) holding Bernard(11 months), Marcellinus(8), Cornelius(9), and Maximilian(6)
Middle Row: Carolyn(young), ZelieLouisa(4) held by Bernadette(18), Benedict(13), Jacinta(11), Stephen(old)
Back Row: Augustine(14), Nathaniel(16 today, 12.30.2009!), Dominick(19)

We are blessed with all of our children. Today is especially wonderful, because today we celebrate the birthday of Nathaniel, who turns 16 today. A driver's license will be following shortly, I am sure.


antonia said...

lovely photo; thanks for sharing!

very nice chapel too!


antonia said...

ps happy birthday to Nathaniel!

Bobbi said...

What a beautiful, beautiful family!! We have only about 33% as many kiddos and our trademark is the inability to get everyone facing the camera.

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