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Monday, November 17, 2008

Dadwithnoisykids Is Chastised

Some things can bear no explanation. All I can say is that is my 'Default Picture Walrus' trying out one of the features of the new iMac.

I am humbled.

I went shopping with my wife this evening. My main role was to drive the car and pay the bills and spend some quality time with my Best Beloved.

I think I succeeded on most counts. Heck, I even got her in on time, as I promised my 13-year old son:

"How late are you going to be out?" said he.

"I shall have your mother home before 10 o'clock," I replied. "If we are going to be late, I shall call."

He still looked concerned....

We went to a mall in Dallas which is soooo upscale that I am wrong to call it a mall. I had to pay just to walk through one of the stores.

We went to a store where they sell high quality kitchenware and force feed you things that they are cooking in the kitchen/checkout counter which is located in the center of the store. There I was chastised by my wife for something I did over the weekend.

But first, consider this one thought: I could have made the first sentence in the paragraph above a lot smaller if I had just told the truth and said we went to a Williams-Sonoma store.

But I digress. There, as I sipped hot apple cider and slurped butternut squash chowder with risotto, my wife enlightened me on the realities of good stockpots and how much they cost. For you see, over the weekend, I canceled an order for an 8-quart stockpot which would have cost about the same amount as a dinner at Nick and Sam's for me and the missus. I said there had to be a better deal somewhere else. My wife showed me that 'better' deal, and then spoke sweetly on the economics of buying inferior pots which fail sooner than more expensive ones.

Let this be a lesson to all men who meddle in stockpots.

We got home by 9:30 p.m., to the relief of all the children.

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