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Monday, September 29, 2008

Photo Montage of Skyline Drive

Here are a few pictures I took while driving on Skyline Drive. We were in Front Royal, VA, visiting our oldest son who is in college.

First, we couldn't have made this trip without our little GPS direction finder. We set it for our hotel, and then drove off in the opposite direction. It kept telling us to turn around at the 'next' scenic overlook.

This a view looking west at about 2,000 feet. Those little bits of cloud below us were cool. A while later we drove through them - after they drifted over the road.
Here is another shot, about 2655 feet, looking east toward Washington, D.C. If you look closely, you can see Congress in session:
Meanwhile, back on the west side, clouds were still hanging low....
More little bits of clouds:

We have looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down. Still, somehow, it's clouds illusions we recall. We really don't know clouds at all. Send in a clown to explain it. Don't bother, they're here.

On the way down, we saw deer. I specialize in photographing the tails of deer.
Here is a picture of our college student. Note the facial hair. I was feeling a bit of 'beard envy,' since I can't grow enough facial hair. I tried several years ago, and after 6 weeks a nurse took me aside and told me(respectfully) that it looked "really bad" and "not professional." I took her advice, and shall remain clean-shaven for the rest of my life. Not so for my sons:

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