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Friday, September 19, 2008

Let Us Break Plastic

A few videos of our afternoon adventures. One of Yours Truly, one of Noisykid #5.

This is a .20 caliber pellet air rifle. The target is about 10 paces, or 30 feet from the shooting site.

This air rifle is made by RWS Diana, and is powered by compressed air. The mechanism for compressing the air is called a side lever. By pulling the lever all the way back, and placing a pellet into the chamber, air is ready for release when the trigger is pulled.

Let us watch Noisykid #5 first:

Note the safe handling of the weapon, with no finger on the trigger until ready to shoot.

Now join me after I loaded the weapon:

My shot is rather unimpressive after watching Noisykid #5 blow his target away.

This is one of the things I enjoy doing with the boys and girls(the younger ones, at least). I shall post more videos after I upload them to Youtube.

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