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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hamburger or Hot Dog?

More on that question later.

Now you can see some of my favorite pictures from my blog on Facebook!

For those of you outside the loop, I started a Facebook page so I could spy on my children and their friends. All was well until yesterday when a friend of mine sent me a flair, which is a little button shape like the one above. I couldn't resist, and I started making some Dadwithnoisykids exclusive Flairs.

As an aside, I am shocked and disappointed by some of the things I have seen on Facebook pages. Some of the word, phrases, and pictures that are associated with my kinfolk sadden me. I don't think they realize that what goes on the Internet STAYS on the Internet. Roman Sacristan said it well,when he said that things on the Internet are like nuclear waste; it doesn't go away....

Facebook does have some redeeming qualities, as Rhett and Link point out in this little song:




Tuesday we get an ultrasound which should show all four chambers of the heart(hopefully), kidneys, a brain, and the outdoor plumbing. On ultrasound, gender resembles either a hot dog or a hamburger. If you need me to explain which one is which, you are too young to be reading this blog. Get off now before I tell your parents!

So check back on Tuesday. It may just be one word; maybe it will be a picture of an ultrasound. Either way there will be news on Tuesday.

Catch you later!


momwats8 said...

Yea!!! Can't wait to come back and find out your news:)

Easter A. said...

Alright!!! Can't wait to see it.

sam said...

I AGREE ABOUT facebook...I am on to spy on my kids and their friends too. It is like a R rated movie everytime I look at those bumper stickers!!! Have you seen the saint pieces of flair? Pray for a family in Virginia who's dad/husband died saving their 20 year old son. Very sad and such a heroic testamony!!!+JMJ+

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