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Friday, June 13, 2008

Great Heaven, Look Who's Eleven!!!!!

Today, we celebrated the birth of Noisykid #7, who turned 11 years old today!

Below are her patron saints, in random order.

Noisykid #7 has a few distinctions, which may some day show up in a game of Trivial Pursuit.

First, she is the oldest Native Texan in our family. While it took me 32 years to get here, she will always be considered a Texan rather than a transplant.

Noisykid #7 is my first and oldest Air Force Brat. That means she was born while I was on active duty in the Air Force. The first six are technically not Air Force Brats because I was in the inactive reserve when they were born.

Noisykid #7 is our biggest(to date)baby, weighing in at 11#, 4 oz. at birth. Why? Once again, the obstetricians in the Air Force were extremely hesitant to induce anyone, so this sweet little girl was born on her due date rather than a week or two earlier. Most Noisykids can't wait to get out of the starting gate and begin terrorizing the planet.

Noisykid #7 broke a string of 4 boys in a row, being the second daughter. Here she sings 'What Child Is This:'

Wifeofdadwithnoisykids is feeling that 24/7 morning sickness. She is happy to be pregnant, even nauseatedly pregnant.

This concludes this blog entry. In accordance with the rules of blogdom, we shall end our blogging day with the National Anthem. Please rise.

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Patricia said...

I too have an eleven year old. On the cusp between childhood and the teens, she is still sweet as ever and my youngest (sigh). She is named Theresa Josephine. I prayed two novena's for this baby and once answered I decided to let St. Joseph and St. Theresa battle it out as to whether the baby would be a boy or girl. When I went for the ultrasound, we could not get a sex determination on the baby because she was facing downward with the cord between the legs!
Stupid me! I should have known it would be a girl because 1997 was the centenary of St. Theresa's death!
Not to leave St Joseph out all together and in thanksgiving, we added Josephine.
Hope your wife feels better soon.
God bless

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