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Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Generic Thank You

....but still a thank you. This was originally posted to the Catholic Dads blog.

To those of you who sent messages of condolence, prayers, and Masses following the death of my son Theodore,

Thank you!

The past two months have been filled with a combination of sorrow and consolation for our whole family. In so many ways, Theodore's death has been the occasion for an outpouring of grace upon our family as well as our extended family and friends. One of the greatest gifts we have received is a new baby on the way, due in January! - but you already knew that, if you are a frequent reader of the blog and are distracted by the rotating Noisykid seen in the Feto-Meter.

Still, there are days that are filled with sadness, such as today when I stopped at a monument company to inquire about purchasing a gravestone or marker for Theodore's grave site. It still seems so wrong to be buying a gravestone for a child of mine.

I sometimes wonder what Theodore would tell me, if he were allowed to say anything to me. I imagine he would tell me to love his brothers and sisters more than I loved him, for their time with me is so fleeting, and their destination requires all the prayers and sacrifices I can give to them.

Theodore's picture of Divine Mercy at the Airfield

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Mairs said...

I just want to say "thank you" to you! I love your blog, your sense of humor and your honesty throughout this tragedy. We have an autistic son and a lot of noisy kids as well and my dh and I really enjoy reading about your life! God's Blessings to you and all the Noisy Family!

PS Hope you don't mind but I wanted to share you with all my friends so I've linked you to my blog as well!

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