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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Special St. Valentine's Day Message...

...from my oldest daughter.

It came with the message: 'Thanks for fixing my teeth! I love you!'

She sent it to my wife, who promptly started crying. I cried too, considering that I basically have a car payment going into the mouth of my children in braces. Sigh. One down, eleven(hopefully more) to go.

The orthodontist said that after all the kids have been treated, it's my turn. I told him that by that time my teeth would either be in a jar or on display along with my skull in some physician's office.


Anonymous said...

Orthodontists! YUP!

dfofwifeofdwnk said...

I am sure your teeth will be in that special place marked "dadwithnoisykids Relics" :)

antonia said...

hehe! She looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thank you !!!

Oldest daughter nosykid

Patricia said...

Your daughter has lovely teeth! I have a question though, why do all your children need braces? It seems to me that it's a standard practice today for all children to have their teeth straightened and I wonder why. I mean we got along without it didn't we? I did have braces but my teeth were terribly misplaced. Unfortunately, it was not permanently successful (I have one tooth seriously misplaced today)
HOwever, I have noticed when I was working at the university last year that most students who come to the reference desk have beautiful perfectly straight white teeth - not a one out of alignment! Just my thoughts....

dadwithnoisykids said...

Why do the kids neeed braces? I have gnarly teeth, and I would like them to have beter teeth than I have. My parents just couldn't afford it, and I don't resent it one bit.

My children seem to have inherited the gnarly gene from me and the good looks from Wifeofdadwithnoisykids.

By the way, my oldest daughter meant to write 'noisykid,' not 'nosykid.'

dadwithnoisykids said...


Patricia said...

Well regardless of whether she's a nosykid or a noisykid, she's quite a beautiful young lady.
I think you should tell her no dating till she's 30! lol
But, I think you'd rather she was courted!!???
God bless,

Easter A. said...

You always manage to make me laugh... Hahahaha... Thanks!
Your wife has a beautiful heart too, I can tell! Now be good and tell her!

Anonymous said...

we just spent over $3,000 on our "oldest of MANY"'s teeth and it was a necessity!! fixing his gnarly teeth put him several notches up on the food chain!! LOL

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