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Friday, February 15, 2008

Deep thought from a shallow mind(mine, not his)

Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan(1928-2002):

I heard this on the radio a couple of days ago - KATH AM 910, Catholic radio in Dallas - about a Vietnamese bishop(later Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan) who spent 14 years in solitary confinement. He worried for a long time about not being able to help his people, until one day he had a thought.

Christ opened the gates of Heaven while nailed to a cross, when He was unable to do anything at all physically. In other words, at His weakest moment He was able to die for all of us.

This little thought was a source of great consolation to this bishop as he spent 14 YEARS in solitary confinement.

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MM said...

In the newest encyclical,
Spe Salve the Holy Father refers to Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan, Prayers of Hope. He is a truly remarkable man.

He has written some books, you should check it out.

An article about him

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