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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of St. Augustine of Hippo. He is one of my favorite saints because of what he wrote in his 'Confessions.' He described the problem of knowing what is the right thing to do while not having the strength to do it. This can apply to many areas of one's life, and reminds me how much my Faith is truly a gift from God, and how much I need His graces to guide me through the obstacle course I call life.

We named one of our sons Augustine.

This is our prickly pear cactus patch. You can actually eat the prickly pears.

Today I stayed home(I was on call last night) and tutored one of the noisykids while most of the others went to the Dallas Aquarium. Wifeofdadwithnoisykids took them. She is the only person on the planet who is looking forward to morning sickness, as that is a good indicator that the pregnancy is progressing well. I recall with our previous child, she would be in the bathroom yelling for 'Roy!' and all the while thanking God for the blessing of another child. With our one miscarriage, the sudden stop of the morning sickness was an ominous sign for what was to come.

But enough about that. It has cooled down to the 80's and there is a chance of rain, and after a day of filing stuff at my desk I can see the pattern of the wood through the remaining papers. I even found some bills I had overlooked - doctor bills, of course!

How about a Haiku from 2005:

It ends abruptly

It ends abruptly
like a Saturday cartoon
and then that's all folks.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes i reckon i suffered 3 years of morning sickness! Strangely only with the girls not the boys..hormones??The sickness never started until the 8th week & went onto week 20...Will pray for your wife...

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Our Lady of the Mysterious Decapitation
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