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Sunday, October 04, 2009


Here are some pictures of LifeChain in Greenville, Texas. It was a cool day - about 60 degrees and overcast. Drizzles kept coming in short spurts.

This picture was obviously taken from the street, looking north. A man had offered to let me stand on his chair to get an 'above the crowd shot', but I declined the offer. When I told him where I wanted to take the shot below, he said, "nice knowing you!"

Note some of my Noisykids goofing off in the foreground....

One of the kids called it 'Life Change.' Carolyn and I laughed and told them that was something different.

Here is a 'behind the scenes' look at the Life Chain from St. Williams Catholic Church in Greenville, TX. Our group was the largest, stretching from Wendy's to Taco Bueno. That translates into about one eighth of a mile.

I think we had the most number of people representing Life Chain. I think other people driving by thought so too, because they kept waving "WE'RE NUMBER ONE" as they drove by....

I jaywalked across the street to take this picture of the folks holding signs. These are low quality pictures taken with my iPhone. In 100 years, we have gone full circle from a box camera with no controls to a high-tech box camera also with no controls, and the pictures look about the same.

Perhaps I should pull out my Pentax K1000 which I bought in 1983....

One of the girls told us that we should have another baby. We agreed, and reminded her that we pray for more children every day. It is another sad thing about abortion; we would love to have another child if God wills it.

Speaking of babies, here is a picture of the 'tar baby' - in this case Rice Krispy treats were used instead of tar:

The children just informed me that a bear is going through our garbage, and I have to go and shoot it....

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