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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Mother's Bouquet

Carolyn was arranging some flowers we had just bought from Costco.

"I want you to always have fresh flowers in the house," I murmured in her ear as she removed some of the extra greenery from the roses.

"The most beautiful bouquet a mother can have is her children surrounding her," she replied.

"True, but sometimes they don't smell as good as these roses."

"Especially those teenage boys," she said.

Costco-Style Romance

Love on a Budget - a helpful hint for the frugal romantic male:

The next time you are in Costco with your wife, pick a bunch of flowers; even better, have her pick them out.

Let her admire them for a while before handing them to the youngest child with you - so he or she can hold on to them for Mommy.

Invariably, said youngest child will set them down and forget the flowers - probably while sampling gourmet meatballs.

Check out when shopping is complete. When you get home, suddenly remember that the flowers must have been left behind. You score points for picking out flowers, and save money by not buying flowers!

It is a WIN-WIN situation!


Anonymous said...

you've never forgot my flowers!!!!

dadwithnoisykids said...

While I may suggest this technique, I would not personally perform it.

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