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Monday, October 27, 2008

Attaining Cult Status

Today I made some changes on the blog.

First, I changed the music playing on the 'Music Time' playlist on the sidebar. When I got on to enter this little note, it was not working. I just opened the blog in another window and now I am listening to David Hasselhoff sing 'White Bird.'

The rest of the music is a bit unique. Turn it on and enjoy.

Second, I added a widget which tells me where people are coming from - and where they go to when they realize this blog was not what they hoped for. Don't worry, your privacy is safe with me - I can't say the same for what I read on 'Sitemeter.'

Third, and tied to the title of this entry, I now am blessed with two 'followers.' They are listed on the sidebar at right. These folks are fellow bloggers who have taken an oath to follow this blog regardless of the direction I send it. In addition, my 'followers' have pledged half of their worldly goods to me as a means of providing for my temporal needs.

They also equip me with a new car whenever I condescend to visit them. The car is affectionately known as the 'dadwithnoisykids-mobile,' and comes with armor-plated glass and a wet bar. Join US.

Fourth: How do you like the picture of the cowboy praying the Rosary?

Fifth, I wax political again. This will probably generate more griping from Catholics for Obama.

In the early 70's, there was a prison riot in Attica, New York. The riot and hostage situation ended when security forces entered the prison, resulting in a high number of casualties. The whole situation was very controversial, and I recall that T-shirts with the slogan 'Attica is All of Us' showed up all over the United States. This slogan represented the view of a certain ethnic group which thought that they were singled out during the quelling of the prison riot.

This is where I wax political, if you have been following this rather meandering monologue. After reading and watching this whole 'Joe the Plumber' controversy unfold, it occurred to me that ALL of us will be subject to a great redistribution of wealth under the leadership of Obama. So I stole the slogan I mentioned above and rearranged it, and came up with:


I say this because I foresee a lot of money earned by the people who make this country great leaving their pockets and going to spread the wealth around to those who are not at the same financial level. Anyone who dares to challenge Obama will be run through the coals.

I sent an e-mail to Rush Lmbaugh suggesting this as a slogan suitable for T-shirts.


I guess they won yesterday. We went to a Mexican restaurant on Sunday afternoon, and we were parked at a table right in front of a projection screen which showed that the football game was in full swing. I objected to our sitting there because it was already causing a distraction for the children. It was bad enough that the children sat there watching the game, but what really worried me were the commercials and the gratuitous close-ups of the cheerleaders("Bounce for camera, girls!").

We asked to be seated behind the screen, but we were told that section was closed. We walked out.

Instead we went to another Mexican restaurant(Matt's Rancho Martinez) closer to home, and my beautiful wife got her craving for nachos satisfied.

Seventh, a voter's guide of sorts:

It's unlikely you'll vote for Obama if you....

01. aren't a news anchor.

02. read the New York Times for pretty much the same reason the NSA monitors radio transmissions.

03. automatically conclude that the person laughing in the car next to you must be listening to Rush. Or maybe Obama off teleprompter.

04. dislocated your shoulder trying to explain Obama's position on Iraq to co-workers.

05. find autobiographies generally more interesting when the author has, you know, done something.

06. remember the Carter Administration.

07. would give a month's pay to play Jack Bauer's partner on 24.

08. increasingly agree with Mark Steyn that "almost everything [Obama] says is, well, nuts."

09. think it's relevant — despite what the sophisticates say — that several of Obama's mentors and associates have displayed a dislike for America or a disdain for Americans.

10. think it's relevant that several of McCain's mentors and associates are American heroes of historic magnitude.

11. think about 9/11 more than once a year.

12. have concluded that Larry the Cable Guy makes way more sense than Howard Dean.

13. feel a little safer during turbulence when your pilot is a calm "white haired dude."

14. thought about Hillary's 3:00 a.m. phone call ad when you first heard about Russian tanks in Georgia.

15. wonder why Obama felt it necessary to give a speech on patriotism.

16. get sorta creeped out by 200,000 Germans chanting "Obama! Obama!"

17. think the jury may still be out on Harvard Law School.

18. suspect "merci beaucoup" is French for "empty suit."

19. doubt that teleprompters are really magical dispensers of good ideas.

20. know in your gut that defiantly withstanding 4 1/2 years of torture trumps all of Obama's qualifications and accomplishments combined — regardless of what the elite pundits say.

21. repeatedly find yourself asking "Change to what?"

22. have ever used the term "pompous twit' in the same sentence with "Marx," "Marcuse," or "Sartre."

23. don't like being told what to do — especially by someone who hasn't done it.

24. really like ticking off the media, Hollywood, academics, and PC busybodies everywhere.

25. weren't born yesterday.

Score (# of descriptions that apply to you):
0— Go ahead, write in Dennis Kucinich
1—3 Obama may be your choice after all
4—5 You think Hillary got a raw deal and won't vote Obama
6—24 McCain's your man
25 It's OK to write in Reagan

Now for a little mushiness:


Easter A. said...

Thank you for this post, dadwithnoisykids! (I mostly loved that you call your wife beautiful and you allowed her to have those nachos which satisfied her cravings :-) ).

I watched the video and yes, it is frigthening. It's sad that they use children to sing such a beautiful song... I wonder if that conductor ever paused to ponder if the song in its entirety was just as well performed if half of those beautiful children were aborted - I know, a terrible thought. A good touch of ending... but, God help America!

Thanks for this post, dadwithnoisykids!

Roman Sacristan said...

Hey, I noticed that your application to be an amateur Catholic blogger was posted on their site recently.

Easter A. said...

I love the picture of the cowboy praying the rosary! Thank you.

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