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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Coffee Update

Tully's Coffee Decaffeinated House Blend Extra Bold was excellent.  I did have some problems where the coffee would clog up the process and then flow out from the whole brewer, but Keurig sent me some new coffee shots and the problem resolved.

On Friday, I had to drive somewhere post-call, so I made a cup of coffee in one of our cardboard 'to go' cups.  I specifically bought those cups - going against my Completely Green Policy - because all our travel mugs leak coffee like an overloaded diaper.  So I was extremely disappointed when the lid worked its way off and dumped coffee all down the front of me. 

Fortunately, there was a nearby discount department store near our first errand, so I went in and bought a new shirt - along with a tie, handkerchief, and cuff links.  I switched shirts and a bathroom, rinsed out the stain in the dirty shirt, and was a new man when I picked up Carolyn a bit later.

Anyways, I shall add Tully's to the list of Keurig coffee cups I would buy again.

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