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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bad Poetry About Someone's Birthday

Taken Seriously

Watching you from the back of the chapel
kneeling at the communion rail
I consider what a gift you are to me
straight from the hand of God

Recalling the teenage girl I used to tease
until one day you grew tired of my sport
and asked when I would ever take you

the time my brother and I serenaded you
with ‘Sweet Caroline’ as we rowed across the lake
and the fear in my heart when you almost
fell off the roof of that parking garage

a kiss under the mistletoe, then
while dancing at someone else’s wedding
the whispered reminder that you love me
no matter where I roamed

the microscopic diamond, the even smaller
efficiency we lived in
with hard work, separation, books
and a promise as our first roommates

rejoicing with the birth of thirteen children
and mourning the other two who never made it
and the one who died suddenly
in my arms

wishing I were as generous as you
have been in our life
knowing that I could never give enough
in return to show my love for you

with broken cookie bouquets and
edible arrangements which made better compost
roses from Costco bought on impulse
to make up for years without flowers

Thanking God and you for remaining
through joys and sorrows of our life together
I think you knew what you were asking for
when you asked me to take you Seriously.



MightyMom said...

that's the sweetest thing I've read in a long while!

dadwithnoisykids said...

Thank you my love!!!!

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