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Friday, November 13, 2009

Pictures of Bernard

Bernard loves to be outside almost as much as he loves to be around his brothers and sisters. I took him outside to let him walk around with his walking toy, but he wanted to sit and watch the boys play baseball in the front yard. He also got a chance to sample some of the dirt and grass clippings which were nearby....

I think every time he looked back at me I got a picture of him with his eyes closed. He looks so angelic in this picture:

Several of the younger boys were outside playing their version of baseball. Their backyard baseball field is still a bit moist from all the rain we had back in October. It is time to take the plug aerator to the back yard and back field.

Maximilian has just hit the ball - and thankfully did NOT throw the bat back towards us - and is heading for first base. Bernard is trying to figure out what I am doing.

Another picture of this happy little boy. He was clapping for his brothers.

Here Bernard studies the game so he will be able to play it when he is bigger.

Since Carolyn was gone today, I had to stay up and watch Bernard. I made lentil soup and wheat bread for dinner, and broke one of the attachments on our mixer. I realized too late that there is a special attachment for making bread.

At least the lentil soup didn't turn into paste as it has on previous occasions....


Milehimama said...

So cute! Our little Alianna is just sitting up, too.

My friend's son is looking for a Catholic college, majoring in premed. Do you have any recommendations?

dadwithnoisykids said...


My first recommendation would be Christendom College, where one would receive a liberal arts degree but would have to do the pre-med prerequisites somewhere else. I am biased though, because I went to Christendom for a year before starting medical school. Most of the folks I interviewed with (back in 1986) thought the idea of studying history/philosophy/theology before starting medical school was a good one.

To get it all at one place, I would recommend University of Dallas.

Regardless of where he goes, I strongly recommend a good spiritual advisor and a good Catholic physician mentor. I found a good spiritual advisor at Christendom, and had a good mentor from the time I was in college.

Another source for advice might be the Catholic Medical Association.

God bless and good to hear from you!

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