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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Night Delayed Flight Thoughts

Band of Brothers

I spent the weekend at my brother the priest's parish.

Some thoughts were generated....

One is that weekends are very busy for priests. Father brotherofdadwithnoisykids was in meetings with the Legion of Mary, hearing confessions, and of course celebrating the holy sacrifice of the Mass. On top of this, he had to deal with Mr. High Maintenance Himself, dadwithnoisykids.

His assistant pastor was just as busy, and the seminarian assigned to the parish was assisting both priests.

An other observation is that despite what appeared to be a busy schedule - during ORDINARY TIME - both priests were obviously happy serving Our Lord and His people. There was no complaint about a schedule which stretched longer than mine. These priests, and the seminarian, also maintained a good sense of humor about the events that fill their days. That was the best part of the weekend: hearing these 'alter Christuses' talk about what makes their jobs so fun.

We compared the practice of medicine with that of the priest. Imagine a priest stopping a confession in order to call the other priests - plus any seminarian - so they could take a listen:

Penitent: "Anyway, Father -"
Priest: "Hold that thought.(opening door) HEY FRED! COME AND LISTEN TO THIS!"

Of course it didn't happen.

Visiting my brother fills me with hope for the Church. The example these priests give of men loving Our Lord and serving His flock is tremendous.

Now I have to catch a flight. Motu proprio to you.

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Anonymous said...

It must be amazing to have a Priest brother!

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