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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Write Garbage/250

Write Garbage.....the phrase keeps coming back to me.  I heard it a while ago at a time management conference for high school students.  After the children listened to the presenter (I can't recall his name), he spent a while talking to us parents.  

One of the things he discussed was how to go about writing a term paper.  He talked about organizing one's time into little compartments, so that the whole project became a series of much smaller tasks.  Finally he mentioned his recommendations for how to actually begin writing the paper.  I always found this to be the hardest part of writing papers in school.  Nowadays, I find that I don't want to publish a blog entry until it is 'perfect,' and so my computer is full of things I have written which I don't particularly care for.  Even some of the things which do make it onto the blog seem terrible to me when I read them a year or two later.  I want to become a better writer, and what this man said I found very helpful.

He described a creative writing seminar where a young woman asked the teacher how to handle writer's block.  Apparently this woman had not written anything for a long time, and she was looking for a way to break out of this slump.  The teacher told her to 'write garbage.'  What he meant by this was to write something - anything - just to get back into the routine of writing.  Eventually, like the infinite monkeys sitting in front of an infinite number of typewriters, something as good as Shakespeare will appear.

Does anyone remember typewriters?

So this is the first attempt to just throw something up against the wall of this blog and see if it will stick. I shall try to break out of my own writer's block by writing garbage, so to speak.  So what does the 250 stand for?  It is a personal requirement that I write at least 250 words each time I sit down at this computer.  I have achieved that goal quite a while back; this blog entry consists of 357 words.

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