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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fountain Pen Review: Eine Deutsche Füller

Tonight we consider a German fountain pen, or in German, Füller, made by the Pelikan company.  It is a neat little pen I bought at the Fountain Pen Hospital in New York.  It is called a 'Demostrator' because one can see the inner workings of the pen from the outside.

Behold, the gold-plated fine point nib.  That is my favorite type of nib for a fountain pen. 

It is hard to see the innards
of this pen when I use this primitive iPhone camera, so I stood it up so one can see the ink in the chamber.  The tail end of the pen spins to pull ink into the chamber.

One of my favorite parts of this pen is the cap, complete with the 'Pelikan' logo.  I like it because the pelican is a symbol for Christ.  In folklore, the pelican will take flesh from her own breast to feed her young.  In like manner, Christ gave up His life for our salvation.

It is good to have little reminders of how much God loves us - even those on the end of a German pen.

To recap:  The Pro's of this pen are the fine point, easy filling, and good feel in the hand.  The only real Con is the screw on cap which takes a moment to remove before writing and can get misplaced.

Like all fountain pens, it rarely makes a good enough impression for duplicates like doctor order sheets or anesthetic records, so I carry around a ball point pen as well.  It adds to the 'Geek' image I strive to achieve.

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