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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Visit From My Guardian Angel

"How do you like my boots?"

My guardian angel stood back so I could take a good look at his brand-new boots. From what I could tell, it looked like ostrich to me. I had often heard that once you wear boots made from ostrich hide, you'll never want to go back to cowhide. I started to ask my guardian angel just that question when he interrupted me.

"I have never worn boots before, son, so I can't make any comparison between types of leather. And, no ostriches were killed to make these boots. Don't trouble yourself."

"I am not here to show off boots, son. I came to show you something. Follow me."

Before I could blink, we were standing on a bridge near my home. It was located on a quiet country road, so it was unlikely that anyone would pass by and see a man in his mid-forties wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and Croc's talking to an angel.

"Look at the water."

I gazed over the side of the bridge. It hadn't rained for a few weeks, so the water was scarce. Just a few trickles connected together to indicate that there was any flow.

Suddenly, a shiny object went by, followed by what looked like a gold pocket watch. A few rings with huge diamonds trailed behind. One of them got caught up on a rock and glinted in the sunlight for a moment before moving along.

"What are they? Where are they going?"

"I'll answer the second question first. Since we are on the East side of the Continental Divide, they will eventually drain into the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Gulf of Mexico."

"But what are they?"

"Those are the good deeds you did today."

"But why are they rolling down the river? A lot of good they are doing me in the river."

"Right you are. These are the good deeds you did today, but they were tainted by your attitude, grumbling, feeling sorry for yourself. If only you had given of yourself with heartfelt generosity instead of with an attitude of self-martyrdom."

I felt bad, but my angel seemed unconcerned.

"Hey, how about a game of Pooh Sticks?"


MightyMom said...

I might need to borrow your angel on occasion

Anonymous said...

OUCH! That definatley could have been me your guardian angel was talking to.


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