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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Autism Revisited

I see a lot of children with mental as well as physical handicaps in my line of work. These children - and their parents - invariably touch my heart as they remind me of Theodore and the many challenges and joys which came with having a special needs child. Theodore, who had autism and seizures, died in April, 2008 at the age of fifteen.

Recently, I have started talking more to parents about their unique role they have taking care of a special needs child. I try to encourage them, and praise them, because I recall how sweet it was to get a kind word, especially on days when Theodore was being difficult. The consolation from such comments was like receiving flowers from Heaven. Since it helped me so much when taking care of Theodore, I realized it was important to pass on the encouragement to those who still have children like Theodore.

After taking care of a child very much like Theodore this past week, I was shocked when my wife told me about this tragedy involving an autistic child. There is a Facebook page as well, for those who are interested.

I can imagine the kind of sorrow which this family is experiencing, and I know that more than anything they need our prayers during this time of sorrow. Please pray for them.

On a lighter note, here is one of the greatest consolations we have received over the past year. Join him as he eats pancakes for Sunday breakfast:


antonia said...

the loss of dear theodore must be such an imaginably heavy cross.

The Lord is so good that He has gifted you with little B!
He has a good pair of lungs and *is* indeed cute enough for the movies!

Kimberlee said...

Yes, Ryan's passing made me think of your dear Theodore as they were close in age. Here is a link to more details about Ryan's death: http://maureenwittmann.blogspot.com/2009/08/prayer-update-from-mary-ellen.html
Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord...

MightyMom said...

I noticed you "follow" me and so I came to meet you.

You have a beautiful family!!!

You may or may not know that both our boys have autism and our girl is developmentally delayed...and I'm a Pedi Nurse.

Thank you for sharing your precious ones with us. all 14 of them.

god bless.

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