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Sunday, February 01, 2009

I saw this on Times Online

Two children should be limit, says green guru


I recall asking someone – shortly before Noisykid #4 was born – “Now that you have met them, which ones should I remove?”


Patricia said...

Be glad you don't live in Britain. They are all nuts there.
I worry that my girls may someday not be able to have the number of children they want. This kind of thinking is very worrisome and very sinister, IMO.

Patricius said...

Some of us are nuts - and some of us are crackers but few of us Brits are as flaky as Mr. Porritt. Like most Malthusians he regards other members of the human race as a threat. Indeed if one thinks of humans solely as a continually expanding population of consumers of finite material resources it is a logical conclusion. Perhaps what such people need to wake up to is the fact that we humans are not merely passive consumers: we transform our world and are capable of intelligent cooperation. Were this not true we should have perished long ago. While there is still much poverty and suffering in the world never have so many enjoyed such a superabundance of material comfort - and this, paradoxically, when the world is more populous than ever before.

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